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Dee Etti-Williams

Sound Designer & Composer

Phone 872-760-3286

 Chicago, IL

It's worth noting the number listed above is a business Google Voice number. I'll often switch to my personal phone once I get in process.

The best way to reach me is through email!

Hi! My name is Dee Etti-Williams, welcome to my humble little website! I am a Chicago-based artist and while no artists considers themselves one thing I am lucky enough to pay the bills with freelance Sound Design primarily. Here you can find things like my Resume and Portfolio! As well as some production photos from shows I've designed (as useless as they are in conveying my design I think they're pretty!).

My career has transformed a lot since this website was first conceived and because I'm overly sentimental I've hidden an archived version amongst this one as a sort of Easter Egg. So happy hunting for those curious!

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